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MOGE TEE is dedicated to delivering the finest Bubble Tea in America, using only natural and fresh ingredients to deliver new and fashionable drinks that are extremely rich in flavor for our customers! With over 300 outlets worldwide, Moge Tee has won the hearts of tea lovers around the world all the way from China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia to Australia, and is now expanding its reach to the United States of America.

MOGE TEE makes each cup of tea with care and no detail is overlooked, including the ambiance of each of our meticulously designed locations. We are determined to offer our best to our customers, and we truly live our motto: WE NEVER COMPROMISE THE QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS.
  • Fresh Lemon Four Season Tea爆柠四季春
    Fresh Lemon Four Season Tea
    Made with fresh lemon and lime (Non Caffeine; Non-Diary). 附新鲜青柠和黄柠
    Calories: 97.5
  • Super Fruit Green Tea超级水果绿
    Super Fruit Green Tea
    Made with fresh orange, lime , lemon , watermelon (Non Caffeine; Non-Diary). 附上 新鲜西瓜,橙子 ,青柠,黄拧
    Calories: 58.4
  • Cheese Foam Red Dragon Fruit Tea芝士红肉火龙果茶
    Cheese Foam Red Dragon Fruit Tea
    Made with fresh red dragon fruit (Non Caffeine; Non-Diary). 采用新鲜的红肉火龙果
    Calories: 58.4
  • Cheese Foam Berry Tea满杯莓莓茶
    Cheese Foam Berry Tea
    Made with fresh raspberry and blueberry (Non Caffeine; Non-Diary). 采用新鲜的覆盆子和蓝莓
    Calories: 53-65
  • Cheese Foam Strawberry Tea芝士草莓茶
    Cheese Foam Strawberry Tea
    Made with fresh strawberry (Non Caffeine; Non-Diary). 采用新鲜的草莓
    Calories: 44-54
  • Cheese Dongding Oolong Tea芝士冻顶乌龙
    Cheese Dongding Oolong Tea
    Freshly cooked tea with foam on the top (non-caffeine). 新鲜烹饪的茶配芝士
    Calories: 48.4
  • Foam Four Season Tea芝士四季春茶
    Foam Four Season Tea
    Freshly cooked tea with foam on the top (non-caffeine). 新鲜烹饪的茶配芝士
    Calories: 59.8
  • Foam Rose Oolong Tea芝士玫瑰乌龙
    Foam Rose Oolong Tea
    Freshly cooked tea with foam on the top (non-caffeine). 新鲜烹饪的茶配芝士
    Calories: 48.4
  • Cheese Earl Grey Tea芝士红玉茗茶
    Cheese Earl Grey Tea
    Freshly cooked tea with foam on the top (non-caffeine). 新鲜烹饪的茶配芝士
    Calories: 48.4
  • Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea黑糖脏脏奶茶款
    Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea
    Freshly made brown sugar with milk tea (non-caffeine)
    Calories: 460-540
  • Taro Bubble Milk Tea香芋脏脏奶茶款
    Taro Bubble Milk Tea
    Freshly made taro and limited every day (non-caffeine). 采用新鲜的香芋及每日限量
    Calories: 320-390
  • Purple Yam Bubble Milk Tea紫薯脏脏奶茶款
    Purple Yam Bubble Milk Tea
    Freshly made purple yam and limited every day (non-caffeine). 采用新鲜的紫薯及每日限量
    Calories: 320-390
  • Bubble Milk Tea珍珠奶茶
    Bubble Milk Tea
    Come with bubble and milk tea (non-caffeine)
    Calories: 299
  • Cheese Milk Black Tea芝士红玉奶茶
    Cheese Milk Black Tea
    With cheese, no bubble (non-caffeine)
    Calories: 234-364
  • Creme Brulee Milk Tea布蕾蛋糕奶茶
    Creme Brulee Milk Tea
    With creme brulee (non-caffeine). 附蛋糕酱
    Calories: 299-364
  • Oreo Milk Tea奥利奥奶茶
    Oreo Milk Tea
    With creme top and oreo (non-caffeine). 附奶油在上面及奥利奥
    Calories: 299-364
  • Red Bean Milk Tea红豆奶茶
    Red Bean Milk Tea
    With red bean (non-caffeine). 附红豆
    Calories: 299-364
  • Mango Parfait芒果任性杯
    Mango Parfait
    With organic plain yogurt, fresh mango, and waffles (non-caffeine). 采用有机原味酸奶,新鲜芒果和威化饼
    Calories: 412
  • Super Strawberry Parfait任性草莓杯
    Super Strawberry Parfait
    with organic plain yogurt , fresh strawberry and waffles (non-caffeine). 采用有机原味酸奶,新鲜草莓和威化饼
    Calories: 357
  • Dragon Fruit Yakult火龙果多多
    Dragon Fruit Yakult
    With fresh dragon fruit and yakult. (Non Caffeine; Non-Diary)
    Calories: 105
  • Grapefruit Yakult西柚多多
    Grapefruit Yakult
    With fresh grapefruit and yakult. (Non Caffeine; Non-Diary)
    Calories: 105
  • Orange Yakult鲜橙多多
    Orange Yakult
    With fresh orange and yakult. (Non Caffeine; Non-Diary)
    Calories: 105
  • Lemon Yakult柠檬多多
    Lemon Yakult
    With fresh lemon and yakult. (Non Caffeine; Non-Diary)
    Calories: 105
  • Cheese Foam Uji Match芝士宇治奶茶
    Cheese Foam Uji Match
    Non Caffeine
    Calories: 39-91
  • Creme Brulee Uji Matcha超浓宇治抹茶
    Creme Brulee Uji Matcha
    Non Caffeine
    Calories: 39-91
  • Uji Matcha宇治抹茶
    Uji Matcha
    Uji Matcha
    Calories: 91-152
  • Cheese Dorayaki芝士铜锣烧
    Cheese Dorayaki
  • Cheese Oreo Dorayki芝士奥利奥铜锣烧
    Cheese Oreo Dorayki
  • Taro Dorayaki香芋铜锣烧
    Taro Dorayaki
  • Red Bean Dorayaki红豆铜锣烧
    Red Bean Dorayaki
  • DaHongPao Milk Tea金凤奶茶
    DaHongPao Milk Tea
    Non Caffeine
    Calories: 122.4-132.6
  • Rose Milk Tea玫瑰奶茶
    Rose Milk Tea
    Non Caffeine
    Calories: 122.4
  • Hawaii Milk Tea夏威夷奶茶
    Hawaii Milk Tea
    Calories: 122.4
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